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Sean's Ticklish Nightmare

by Jonmartin91

Sean was an average boy who had 2 older brothers, Ivan (17) and Jake (17). Sean was 13. He was extremely ticklish and his brothers knew it very well. They would tie him to his bed and tickle him to insanity or they would pin him down and tickle him until he couldn't breath, in any event Sean was usually helpless when they tickled him and today was no exception.

Today all three boys had off from school. After their parents left for work Ivan and Jake thought that they should have some fun with little Sean. They went down stairs to the living room and found Sean lying on the couch. They asked him if they could sit and he sat up and made room for them.

“How you doing bro?” Ivan asked

“Ok”, said Sean nervously.

They then decided that it was time for Sean to really start laughing. They each up one arm under each one of Sean's arm and carried him up to his room. But before they left the living room they lifted Sean's t-shirt up over his head and to expose his ticklish torso. On the way up to Sean's room his brothers took the time to poke him in the ribs making him squirm. Sean by now had figured out that he was going to be tickle tortured. So he started to squirm even more. His brothers had had trouble with this in the past and new exactly what to do. They flipped up the back of shirt and grabbed his boxers and pulled them up his butt.

“AH, NO not a Wedgie!” Sean yelped. His brothers continued to pull until he stopped squirming which was shortly after.

They then carried him up to his room. Through his shirt Sean could see that they had put rope on his bed, and at that moment he knew what he'd be in for. Because his brothers still had his underwear up his butt he didn't try to escape like usual. In only a matter of minutes Ivan and Jake had poor little Sean tied to his bed in just his boxers. They had taken off his shorts because they said it had made him more ticklish when he was just tickled in his underwear. To make Sean feel like he was helpless they had put a pair of boxers over his head to blind fold him. Once they were finished him, he was ready to be tickled.

“Come on guys. Please don't tickle me, “Sean begged.

“Sorry little bro, but were bored and your ticklish,” said Ivan as he straddled Sean's waist. Jake had taken position at Sean's helpless little pits.

Both boys took the feathers that they had placed inside the waist band of Sean's boxers as they had carried him up to his room. As they pulled them out of his waist band, he squirmed a started to whimper. Once the feathers were out Jake placed one above each of Sean's helpless little armpits, and Ivan being the master belly tickler that he was put his feather with in inches of Sean's belly button. They let Sean lie in wait as they got ready to mount their attack.

Ivan was the first to make his little brother start laughing. He inserted the feather into Sean's navel at let just the feeling of having the feather be in there fill his mind. Sean sucked his tummy in to try and get away from the feather. But then Ivan started to twirl it inside his ticklish belly button. Sean arched his back pushing his belly button into the feather.

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHEEHEHEHEHEHHEHHEHHEHEEHAAAHHH NAHAT THAAHAHAER, “Sean bellowed as Ivan relentlessly stroked and twirled the feather in his little brother's belly button. He loved the way that his brother laughed, so he did this for several minutes. When he thought that Sean had had enough he took the feather out of Sean's navel and just explored his bouncing tummy.

Now it was time for Jake to make Sean laugh his head off. He first started to tickle his nipples make his little brother shake his bed back and forth. He first started to whimper and beg Jake as he started to draw circles around his nipples. The circles got bigger and bigger and started to go into Sean's arm pits. He then dropped the feathers and dug his fingers into his little brother's armpits.

NOOOOOOOHOHOHOHOHOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH Sean screamed and he yet again arched his back. Ivan took this a sign and put his feather down and dragged his fingers down Sean's belly. Once again Sean was on the ropes. After an hour or two of non-stop tickling they gave Sean a chance to catch his breath. They gave Sean some water and asked him how he was doing. He said he was fine. They then wanted to have some fun with his boxers, so they flipped him over and because he was shirtless it speed up things.

“Hey Sean guess what we're going to do to you next?” Ivan asked

“No don't give me a wedgie” Sean begged.

But it was too late for him to protest. Ivan had grabbed his boxers and Jake had started to tickle his belly from behind. As Ivan pulled on Sean's boxers, Jake wiggled his fingers in his belly making Sean drive his wedgie in deeper from all the squirming. Ivan continued to pull on Sean's boxers as Jake's wiggling fingers went up into Sean's armpits. Sean groaned and laughed as he was tickled and wedgied. When they heard their little brother's boxers star to rip, they stopped wedgieing him, but the tickling never did.

When the wedgie was done they flipped him back over on his back and decided to give him the triangle tickle. They had invented this a year ago when they had been tickling him, Ivan had been tickling him in his belly button and Jake had been tickling his nipples. They loved his laugh and they were always doing this.

So Ivan once again straddled his waist and picked up his feather. Jake put Sean's boxer cover head in between his legs so that he couldn't move it; he placed his two feathers over Sean's nipples while Ivan placed his over Sean's belly button. At the same time they stared to tickle poor little Sean. Sean was bucking under his brother's weight. He could feel the madding probes of the feather in his navel and the torturous twirling on his nipples. This is one of the things that Sean hated most of all during his normal tickle tortures. Normally he would just have one or the other, but when his brothers were feeling evil they would do this for hours on end.

Sean's body had started to glisten with sweat, which ultimately made things a whole lot worse. He was begging his brothers to stop, but he knew it was useless. On most occasions his brothers would give him a surprise torture at the end. He just couldn't wait any longer to see what it was.

“Having fun Sean, “Ivan asked as he was know stroking his little brother's belly button. He loved to see his brother's heaving belly as he laughed.


“Hey, I think that you should give him another wedgie,” Jake said


“I've got a better idea,” said Ivan.

Instead of flipping Sean over Ivan grabbed the front of his boxers. He took the feather out of Sean's navel and put his finger in instead. After he did that he pulled on the front of Sean's underwear as he tickled Sean's navel. Sean squirmed as his older brother tortured his boxers and his balls.

By now Sean's nipples had turned pink from Jake's tickle torture on them. As soon as Ivan was done with Sean's front wedgie and his feather back into his tummy, Jake gave Sean a painful titty twister. He then pulled his nipples out from his body making Sean arch his back.

“AHHHHH NOOOO!” Sean screamed

Once Jake was done with his titty twister, Ivan started to smack Sean helpless tummy. Sean yelped in pain as Ivan made his belly pink. Jake went back to lightly tickling Sean's armpits. After Sean's belly was nice and tender Ivan took the feather and dragged it in circles around his brother belly button. Jake did the same with his nipples and his armpits.

After that both of them untied Sean. This was the part the Sean liked the most; because even though his brothers would torture him they would always make sure he was ok after they were done with. They would massage the phantom tickles off of him a give his muscles a nice massage too.

For Sean today had been one hell of a day. He would like most of the others never forget it any time soon. For the rest of the day he played video games with his brother, getting the occasional tickle on the sides and the loving wedgie from his brothers.

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