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Zach’s Tickling Mom


Now don't worry everyone, Zach is of legal age! I thought I'd do a twist of the mother/daughter tickling, but do mother/son tickling with my Zach series. enjoy!

Zach slowly woke up. It was going to be a great Saturday. Hanging out with is friends, and his sister not here to tickle him sensless. Zach climbed out of bed, still wearing the flannel pajamas pants and a plain white t-shirt. His blonde hair was messed up, but it could wait till after breakfast. He came downstairs and filled up a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, poured the milk in, grabbed a spoon, and sat down on the couch. He munched away at he sweet cereal as he watched Sportscenter.

“Zach! Where are you?” His mother called from upstairs.

“I'm downstairs!” Zach yelled back. He waited a second, heard no reply, then went back to his show. A minute or two later his mother came down.

By any middle-aged man's standards she was attractive. Long red hair flowing from her shoulders, pearly green eyes, and a very curvy perfect body. She was wearing a tight pair of gray sweats, socks, and a checkered hiking shirt, tied in a knot, revealing her pure, slightly tanned, flat, toned tummy.

“Zach, it's time to help me clean the house,” she said, as she opened a cupboard, and pulled out some cleaning tools. She pulled out a loooong fluffy purple feather-duster, the kind with no feathers, but that fuzzy soft material. She alos pulled out a small painting brush.

“Not today, mom, sorry, I'm going out with the guys.” Zach replied, still glued to the tv screen.

“Not until you and I finish cleaning, bucko,” she said, twirling the duster in her hands.

“Soooo sorry,” Zach teased.

His mom then came up, grabbed the remote, and the TV instantly turned blank.

“Hey!! Come on!” Zach complained, now standing up and for the first time looking at his mother. “You still wearing the belly-shirts mom? Those are for teenagers,” Zach told her, emphasizing the word teen.

“Hey, it's not my fault if I have a sexy set of abs,” his mom teased.

“Sexy isn't the word, more like ticklish!” Zach said,as he poked his mom's flat, bare tummy.

“Hehehe! Quit it!” His mother giggled out, recoiling her body from the tickle attack.

“But seriously mom, I can't help you clean today, maybe tomorrow.” Zach went to sit back down, when his mom got an idea.

“Okay fine, but I'll just have to clean by myself.”

“Yeah okay,” Zach replied, not noticing her going upstairs to get a tie... She came back downstairs, and as she expected, Zach was sound asleep on the couch. He was a quick sleeper, especially in the mornings. She then tied the tie she grabbed, around both his wrists, then dragging him to the floor, she put the tie beneath the coffee table's leg, and his arms were strung above his body, the tie was now a makeshift rope. He then awoke. He opened his eyes, and then tugged at the tie-rope.

“Hey! What gives!?!” He shouted.

“Just a little payback since you refused so dearly to help your poor little mother clean the house.” She said as she came to his side. As he opened his mouth to protest, his mother brought 1 of 10 looong red fingernails down and trailed it down his side. The thin t-shirt offered little protection.

“Hhehee! Mom don't!!” Zach yelled, realizing what he was in for. “I'm sorry, I'll help you clean now!” Zach pleaded. But his mother ignored his pleas, and slowly lifted up his shirt, revealing a toned but soft to the touch tummy, sides, ribs, chest, and small innie.

“Oh pleaseee mom don't!!” Zach begged.

“Don't do what? This?” His mother asked, as she dragged a nail from his bare chest down his bare tummy.

“Hhehehe! Yes!”

“Well I think I'll continue, since you've been such a bad boy!” His mom then began to scratch all ten nails up and down his lower-sides.

“M-mom hehehehhehd-don't hehehehheee!!!”

His mother just smiled, and then straddled him. She then placed all ten nails on his tummy, and quickly began skittering them like mad.


his was Zach's weak spot, and his mother knew it better than even his sister. His mother didn't want to break him yet, so she moved on to another spot. She darted her dancing nails to relocate on his outstretched armpits. Zach howled with laughter as his body bucked up and down beneath his tormentor. The nails stroked his armpits sooooo slowly and gently, it sent him insane. It tickled soooooomuch!!! Zach's head was racing, his armpits felt like they were on fire. Then the nails suddenly attacked his ribcage, massaging it quickly. Zach broke a new level of laughter as he was sent into hysterics.


His mother then bent back and grabbed the long purple duster, and placed it on his bouncing tummy, not yet moving it, allowing his mind to fill with ticklish fear.

“N-no mom don't use that!!!!” Zach panted and begged.

“Too late sweetie!”

His mother then dove the duster into his flat tummy, sliding it up and down and gently drilling it into the flat tummy.


Zach was going wild. His limbs thrashed like a mad beast, his body bucked like a bronco, and tears rolled down his cheeks. His mother continued the duster tickling for 10 more minutes, she then untied her son.

“Oh g-god that t-tickled too much...” Zach breathed heavily.

“If you think that was bad, you're lucky I didn't use the other one too, which I will unless you help me clean...” His mother eyed the cupboard containing the tickling weapon dangerously.

And the rest of the day, Zach cleaned the house, occasionally poking his mother's bare tummy.


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