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Sophie’s Ticklish Brother

by Sophie

Because you wrote me asking nicely if I could write a story about what happened to my Bro I will. Even though it was horrible for “Devon” at the time it was funny to look back on and I am interested in tickling now so I did a search and found this place but I won’t stay for long. Plus I love writing stories anyway. At least I don’t have to think of a story this time I can just write what happened. I also used a spellcheck so it should be alright.

For the past three years I’ve had a crash out for my birthday and I have been allowed one dozen friends to stay round for a barbecue (cooked by my dad) and a swim (in our pool) and then we all crash out in our out-house in sleeping bags.

This summer it was my first birthday when we were allowed to stay in by ourselves because I have been nagging my parents to go away for the evening and this year I am old enough so my parents said they would go out with friends until about 1230 or 1 AM.

“Devon” had to go to his friends house for dinner when my dad cooked our barbecue and then both my parents left (and we had to clear up the paper plates afterwards, worst luck)

We went swimming until it got nearly dark. It was great. My best party ever.

The Devon got dropped off at about 10 and he came out to the out house to be with his big sis (me) and all my friends. I didn’t mind because he is kinda cute and not a pain in the ass like most brothers.

My parents had given us a few ideas of games to play which we did before Devon got home. Some stupid ones like statues where nobody can move and some more adult ones like charades which was great. Another great one which probably put ideas in our heads was the blanket game where we would all sit next to each other on the floor and jumble our legs up crossed over each others. We then covered all the legs with a few dunahs and sleeping bags with just our feet (no shoes or socks) sticking out the end. One person (who was not sitting down) then had to guess who’s feet were whose. This was “Jenny” (a made up name). Every body was very giggly and it was difficult to sit still because of everyone’s legs on top of your own. Jenny went along the line guessing whose feet they were just by looking and she was quite good at it. She rated each foot saying things like “these toes are very long like your long fingers” or “this foot is suntanned like you” or “this foot is very narrow like you” or “this sole looks very ticklish” and when she said this the girl whose foot it was usually started laughing and wriggling her foot so you knew it was hers (sometimes just the word sole can make you tickle especially the way Jenny said it) By the time she got near the end of the line of feet she started to just tickle the feet by just touching her nail on the sole and you couldn’t keep from giggling because if you did she started moving her finger around until someone said “no” or “stop” or started giggled. Before she finished everyone just started to tickle each other and it was a mess.

This game was great fun and we really enjoyed it and started playing truth or dare and just asking how ticklish each other is and where they are most ticklish and what tickles the most for over an hour. It was kinda fun and strange talking about exactly where we were ticklish and how ticklish we are in different places. Everyone kept laughing and giggling by just talking about tickling and we all agree we are all really ticklish. Jenny and Sara kept asking about Devon and where he was most ticklish but I didn’t really know very much, so I just said that I thought he was very ticklish on his feet and ribs and belly (the usual places). They said he sure looks ticklish and everyone agreed and I said we should ask him when he got home.

Devon was dropped off at about 10 and he came out to the out house straight away. We said we were playing truth or dare and he sat down in the ring. So Sara then asked Devon where he was most ticklish and he said that he wasn’t ticklish at all and Sara and Jenny kept going on about it saying “you must be” and “everyone is ticklish” and “not even on your ribs” and “take your shoes and socks off then to prove it”. They kept going on at him and he kept saying he wasn’t ticklish and going bright red in the face. He was so embarrassed.

In the end he said he was going to bed and I told him to have a bath first and then he went. I kinda felt sorry for him because of being picked on by Sara and Jenny. When he went Sara said to us all that we should find out for ourselves where he was most ticklish and everyone joined in saying yes yes yes. I had to join in as well as I had no choice. I suppose I should of stood up for my brother but I did not think they would take it too far. I hate being tickled so much that it is agony for someone even to touch the bottoms of my feet so I felt that I should stand up for Devon. I knew he was also ticklish but I didn’t say any more.

Anyway, “Jo” went up to the house and was gone for about 10 minutes to say sorry and say for Devon to come back down to tell ghost stories with us after his bath. He agreed and Jo came back down to the out house and we turned out all the lights to wait for him. Sara and Jenny then gave us all instructions saying we should jump on him when he comes down and tickle him in all the different places to see how ticklish he was in each place. We all agreed. And no one was allowed to tickle him under any circumstances until Sara said so otherwise it would mess it all up. He took forever to come down and I said that we should forget it because we were all bored. Anyway after about 10 minutes (but it felt like 10 hours) we heard the house doors slide open and closed and we knew he was coming.

When Devon opened the door we pretended we were telling ghost stories and he came in quietly and sat down. Then someone (I think Sara) said “come on” and we all jumped on poor Devon who didn’t yell but just tried to get away. We were all giggling because it was good fun and we were excited. He really wriggled a lot so it took ages for us (a dozen of us!) to eventually pin him down and he was younger than us as well! As people were pulling his legs they pulled his pants down a bit so I had to keep them up!

We had him pinned down on his back in a church cross shape and he really could not move at all because there was about 3 girls holding each leg and 2 holding each arm and I was sitting on his middle with one leg either side (kneeling up so I wasn’t squashing him). He did yell a couple of times when someone pressed down too hard on his arm but he just kept quiet so I thought he was OK.

Jo noticed he had got dressed again (not into PJ’s but into normal clothes) and said “why have you got dressed” and Devon said “I dunno”.

Then Sara said “Where are you most ticklish?” and Devon said “I dunno.”

He was very nervous I could tell because of the way he was looking at me and because he didn’t say “I’m not ticklish” or tell us the truth. He was totally embarrassed and he looked at me as if to say “please let me go!” his face was bright red. Sara was really nice about it and she said, “do you mind if I find out where?” and Devon just said “I dunno” again! I knew he really wanted us not to tickle him but he was to scared I think.

So Sara started taking off his sneakers and they came off easy because he doesn’t do the laces up (the fashion). He then kinda squeaked (half a giggle and half him saying “no”) but Sara hadn’t touched his feet yet. He must of thought she was about to tickle him.

She said, “are you ready?” and Devon said “I dunno.” again.

So Sara started to stroke his feet (he still had his socks on) and Devon really started to struggle and squeaking “no” and gradually he started laughing and saying “stop OK I’m ticklish OK I’m ticklish I’m ticklish “ but Sara carried on. I couldn’t see her tickling because I was facing Devon’s face as he was laughing and his eyes were tight closed. It seemed to go on for so long because Devon started screaming “aaaaaaah” and could not even speak but his head was shaking like mad.

Then Sara must of stopped because Devon stopped screaming and then he just started yelling and say “stop it I mean it” and “Sophie don’t you dare”. He was really mad and Jo said “if you don’t stop screaming I will put your socks in your mouth” which made us all laugh. But Devon kept on yelling and swearing. We did not put anything in his mouth so he kept on complaining. Sara said for Jo to get the pen and pad from the coffee table and write down

“Feet with socks on: 10” which was our scale we used when playing truth or dare.

We were all laughing including Devon who had cheered up a bit and Sara was saying “Devon, even the tops of your feet are ticklish” and then Jenny said to Devon,

“So where are you most ticklish?” and Devon said “my feet”. Then Jenny said “with socks on or off” and Devon said “with socks on”. I thought that Sara would then take his socks off and tickle his bare feet and some of the girls suggested it but Sara was in control and she said “no”.

Then Sara said “are you ticklish any place else?” and Devon said “no”. Then Sara said “we’ll test your belly” and Devon said “oh no please” and he started complaining again. I didn’t feel so sorry for him this time because he had cheered up after having his feet done and I thought he was let off having his bare feet tickled by Sara. I said that I wanted a turn so as Sara sat next to me and everyone held on tight I tried to pull his tee shirt up. But because he was lying on it, it wouldn’t go up high enough to get over his head so Jo kept it lifted upwards away from Devon’s skin and she said it was a tent. In the struggling Devon’s pants had been pulled down a little. Because I was a good sister I checked nothing was showing before I sat back onto his legs. The top of his pants was just high enough to cover everything. It was good because it meant I had access to all of his front. Devon was still struggling to get away but we had him real tight.

Then I just rested my fingertips on his tummy and he started screaming for a few seconds “aaaaaah” before laughing and shaking his head like mad. The laughing was better than the screaming because it hardly made any noise. Sara said to just keep my fingers still for a bit and we watched Devon’s tummy twitch and jerk slightly (the muscles kept fluttering) it was so funny and we were all laughing.

As he twitched he made my fingers move slightly which just tickled him more and more. Then I started to stroke up and down his tummy and sides from his ribs down to the top of his pants really softly and he was really struggling and laughing like mad trying to get away from my fingers. When I just stroked one side of his belly he tried to twist his body away from the fingers on that side (which of course he could not do). I then started to flutter my fingertips all over his belly from side to side, up and down, diagonal and all over the place so he couldn’t concentrate and he kept trying to scream but could only shake his head. It was funny because he looked like he was screaming with his mouth wide open but it was as if he couldn’t make any noise.

Then Sara said it was enough so I stopped (I felt guilty because I carried on so long but it was kinda fun) and Devon carried on laughing even after I stopped.

Devon said “right that’s enough no more”.

Sara just said to Jo to write down

“belly soft tickling: 10”.

Then Jo said she wanted a turn so I got off and let her sit on Devon’s legs but as Devon started screaming again (Jo hadn’t touched him yet).

Sara said “No, I’m doing his feet again first then you can do his belly when I say”.

So she went down to Devon’s feet and Devon said “No, please don’t,” but I think he was putting it on because it did not tickle before as much as when I had stroked his tummy.

I also went to his feet and this time Sara was pulling off his socks, which was really difficult because they were fresh on and he was holding on with his toes. But eventually we got them off. It was so funny and even Devon was laughing (not through tickling but through fun). Then Sara started really lightly stroking the tops of his feet and they kept crossing over to protect each other. Now I was surprised that the tops of feet were so ticklish but Devon was really laughing again but not screaming.

Then Sara said to Devon “are you less ticklish on your soles or tops of your feet” and even though he was still laughing he said “bottoms” and Sara asked him again because she wanted him to say soles or tops.

Eventually Devon managed to say soles which came out as a screamed “soles”. Then Sara said for us to pull his legs apart a bit so he couldn’t cross his feet over each other. Then one of the girls sitting over one of his ankles tried to hold his feet still by gripping his toes and told the other girl on the other ankle to do the same. Then Sara started lightly stroking both soles at once which really got Devon going back to his screaming and wriggling. It was hard to keep the feet still but he couldn’t get the soles away from the fingers at all. And Devon was really laughing hard now but not making that much noise again just frantically trying to get away. Then Jenny came over and said she wanted a turn so Sara and Jenny quickly swapped places and Jenny carried on. Now Jenny has long fingernails and she said “watch this” and started scratching Devon’s soles by placing all her nails of each hand on the bottom of the heel of each foot and raking them up to the toes on each foot that were being gripped. Each time she did this, Devon jerked hard and screeched. It was so funny but real ticklish and I found it difficult to watch because even watching made me shudder. After a while, Devon got used to it and started yelling at us a lot. He was almost crying and I think that he was crying when Jenny was tickling his feet especially the scratching. I knew it would tickle but not that much. It was torture.

Then Jo said she was going to tickle Devon’s belly again and Sara told her to wait a sec and she told Jenny to stop her sole raking. I went back up to the top half again and Devon started pleading with me saying “Please stop! No more Sophie, its enough”. Sara told Jo to get off Devon’s legs and let me sit on his legs again. Jo started complaining saying it was her turn but Sara just told her to sit on one side of Devon which she did. Then Sara and Jo sat either side of Devon and knelt down low and Jo copied Sara by placing both their hands on his sides with the finger tips right on the sides of his belly and the thumbs round the back. Then Sara said “one two three” and they both started digging in with their fingers like hard massage tickling (which you can only take for one or two seconds at most) Devon went even madder because as soon as they started he screamed and then started shaking even more to try and get his body free from their gripping fingers (but I was sitting on top his legs so he couldn’t even move at all) He sounded like he was half crying, half screaming.

Now, when someone tickles the tummy sides like this (digging in fingers and massaging hard) it impossible to take for even one second because it is sheer agony and you spasm away from the fingers anyway. Nobody can take this (even if they say they are not ticklish at all) for the shortest time, so it is the worst torture if you can’t get away from it. But Devon couldn’t spasm away, no matter how hard he tried and the fingers carried on tickling. Then Sara and Jo gradually moved their fingers up his sides to his ribs and this seemed to make Devon even worse.

He was going mad now, his head was shaking and his whole body was spasming and writhing. He was screaming and laughing like mad but not making much noise and this went on for ages until I said “Stop”. They still carried on and I was really forceful with Sara and eventually she and Jo stopped and everyone let go of Devon. Devon curled into a little ball and just lay there crying for about 3 or 4 seconds. Then he stopped and we were all out of breath and he wiped his eyes and kept saying “whew, that was bad” over and over again.

Sara said “I’m really sorry” and Devon just said “oh, that’s alright”. Then Jo said “it was your fault, because you said your weren’t ticklish” and Devon said “Yeah, I know” but he was really quiet. Then he put his socks on again and we all carried on.

The End

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