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Tween Tickling Canada
Dorain’s Library

Well; first of all, this archive will be larger than the equivilent at the Teen Tickling Australia Main Site. TB2D has chosen the stories of mine that he likes, and posted them there. However, this Mirror site contains all of my tickling stories to date (at least those available for public distribution

The entire mirror site is a way of saying thanks to Tickleboyz2death. When I first started writing tickle stories, I found that my tendancy towards non-sexual, non-erotic themes and juvenile victims put me in a bit of an odd niche. The only Tickle Sites that I was able to find, were places like Jack’s Tickling Rack, Josey the Pussycat’s Page, Tickle Town, and Kyle Dragon’s Den. My first story; a Tickling Apocalypse, just wasn’t right for those places. Not furry enough for Kyle’s page; and not fitting the orientation of the other boards’ focus. Most of them were reluctant to accept even a clean, playful tickling story that involved a minor on their site, since they all had at least some erotic content on their page.

I E-mailed my stories out to the few “tickle-buddies” I had met on the ’Net. Then, someone (I believe it was Jack from Jack’s Rack) suggested Teen Tickling Australia. It was love at first sight. For the first time, I saw a site dedicated to the joy of innocently tickling of children; revelling in the sound of their laughter, and the bonding experience that it formed. Here was a group page about people who loved to tickle boys; not for torture, not as punishment, but because it was something to do together with a kid. (Yes; I know my stories often get into “torture”, “punishment” and “interrogation” tickling, but that’s just fiction. I would no more harm a child in any way, than Anne Rice would go out and suck someone’s blood just because she writes about Vampires.

The marvellous people who were drawn to TB2D’s Message Board were some of the greatest people I had ever met. Some of them even learned things about me that no one, short of my deceased best friend, ever knew. They inspired me to write more and more. Tickleboyz2death once referred to me as one of the most prolific writers he knew. That was simply because the enjoyment that my stories seemed to give others made me feel so good; something that many times over the past year, I’ve needed desperately. So, second only to TB2D, my stories are dedicated to the visitors to TTA; poster and lurker alike. Your tales inspire me. I hope that mine do likewise for you.


For those who have never seen it before, I use a system similar to that the “adult” sites and newsgroups use to indicate the age and gender of those involved. The letters before the backslash indicates the tickler. The letters after indicate the victim. M for male; F for female. Lower caps (m and f) indicate minors. Plus signs (+) indicate multiple numbers of the indicated sex/gender. An asterix (*) indicates multiple numbers of mixed ages and genders. Question Marks (?) indicate that the gender is not identified, or is in some way ambiguous. Multiple codes for a single story refer to individual episodes in the same story.
For example, “FMMm/mm” indicates a woman, two men and a boy tickling two boys.
Send any comments or contributions to the webmaster of this mirror site, Dorain