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My Worst Tickle-Torture

by Tic25tac

(N.B Sam is my girlfriend)

Sam asked me to come over and stay with her for the weekend so I went and stayed with her (who wouldn't). We messed around for ages and we then went to her room for the night. We played around for a while, but at about 11pm I decided I wanted to go to sleep because I was nackered (I had played in a rugby tournament all day). Sam told me to sleep on her bed and that she would sleep on her spare bed. Her bed had got bedposts at each of the corners, so, unknown to me, u can see that she was already putting her plan into action.

I woke up and I tried to rub my eyes, but I realised I couldn't move. Too my horror, I discovered that I had been tied spread eagle, wearing only my boxer shorts. I was really panicking, and at the same time I was enjoying it. (I had always wanted to be tied spread eagle. The thought of being completely vulnerable and helpless is a real turn on).

Anyway, I struggled for a bit, but it did nothing but tire me a little. Sam then walked into her room and said, “Aww is Pauly a little tied up. It looks like someone needs a wake-up tickle” Sam's parents were both barristers and had to leave the house at around 5am, so we were completely alone in the house.

I was now struggling hard because I am super ticklish and Sam knew all of my most ticklish areas. (Hey, she was my girlfriend). Sam then sat on my legs and said, “Here we go little Pauly.” I closed my eyes and I could feel her lips over my navel. I was pleading for her not to do it, but she did it. She did the worst thing that could ever be done to anybody who was insanely ticklish on their stomach's………. She blew. She blew a raspberry over my navel. I nearly blacked out.

“Is somebody a wittle ticklish” She teased. I was breathing very hard and tears were forming in my eyes just from that one raspberry. My tickle-torture was far from over.

Sam then straddled my waist and made little teasing gestures just over my armpits, each time getting a little closer. I uttered a pitiful “Please, no.” I could feel her fingers lightly stroking my underarms. I immediately pulled on my bonds, but in vain as Sam had made them extra tight. I started quietly giggling, but that soon erupted into fully blown laughter as she started to scratch my underarms with her nails. I was bucking up and down, trying to dislodge her from my hypersensitive armpits, but she kept on wiggling her fingers there, obviously enjoying the reaction. Tears began to form in my eyes. She then moved her torturous strokes down my rib cage and started to poke my ribs. Each time she poked my laughter went up an octave. She kept torturing my ribs until she could see I was struggling to breathe, and then she stopped. I was breathing so hard that my throat hurt. She must have been tickling me for atleast 20 mins.

After my breathing had slowed down to my normal rate, she sat on my legs again and blew another raspberry over my navel. I nearly shot out of my skin. I was laughing just as hard as before and I was soaked with sweat.

I felt Sam turn around. She was now facing my feet. No one except my family had ever gotten to tickle my feet before, so it was only them that knew how ticklish they were. Sam was soon to find out.

Her fingers touched my knees, and started a slow decent down to my toes where they stopped. I was breathing hard in anticipation of what was about to happen. Suddenly, she placed all ten of her fingers in between my toes and started moving them back and forth. I tried to kick her away, but my ankles were secured very well. I was bucking up and down and was laughing so hard that I was unaware of anything around me, only of the torture that I was enduring.

Just as suddenly as the tickling began, it stopped and Sam got off of me. I thought that that was the end of my tickle-torture, but the bottom dropped out of my tortuous world when I felt a single finger trailing up both of my feet. They made slow movements from my heel to my toes and back down again. Quiet giggles were coming from my mouth. My toes were spasming. The slow movements of Sam's single fingered attack continued for atleast 10 mins and then she stopped. I was now drenched in sweat and my vision was blurry from the tears of ticklishness.

Suddenly, I felt 10 fingernails scratching at the soles of my feet. I nearly died. Immediately I erupted into laughter. I was bucking real hard. I thought I was going to break the bed. I felt like I was in hell and that I wanted to be anywhere except for there.

That attack didn't last very long. I was totally exhausted, and I was drenched from sweat. My throat hurt from laughing so hard. My limbs ached from pulling hard at my restraints.

Sam then sat on my legs again. I knew what she was going to do. I could see here head lowing over my navel. I pleaded “Please Sam, no. Please, don't do it!” She placed her lips over my navel and blew. I passed out.

I awoke at about 3pm and I ached all over. I wasn't tied up anymore, and I sat up. Sam walked in and sat next to me. I stared at her, and then we hugged. I leapt at her and we both ended up on the floor having a huge tickle fight.

The whole experience brought us closer together. Since then I have been planning a way to get my revenge, but that's another story……………………


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